13 Amazing Photos: Joliet’s Star Wars Day Makes Comeback

Saturday marked the first time since 2019 for the Joliet Public Library’s Star Wars Day. Thousands of people lined downtown’s streets.

All Images Credited to thepatch.com

Thousands of people lined Chicago Street in downtown Joliet on Saturday morning for the Joliet Star Wars parade. On Saturday, the Joliet Star Wars procession drew a crowd of thousands to Chicago Street in downtown Joliet.

The deadly and highly contagious coronavirus kept Joliet, Illinois, from having a Joliet Star Wars Day in 2020 and 2021, but Saturday’s the day. Hundreds of individuals donned their favorite movie character’s costumes as they paraded through downtown Joliet in celebration.

Hundreds of people watched as Joliet’s City Council, Mayor Bob O’Dekirk, Congressman Bill Foster, Mayor Bob O’Dekirk and Joliet Public Library Director Megan Millen began the celebration by shouting “Start!” from the start of the parade on Chicago Street.