The Fans Were So Happy

The fans trickled out one by one, ecstatic that they were a part of history. They departed satisfied because they knew the firm had recognized their efforts. In one evening, AEW went from a mocked fan service T-shirt business to a genuine bonafide product.

When I returned to the press area, I was bowled over by astonishment. The AEW ring being broken down, a piece of memorabilia that may go down as this generation’s most stunning wrestling moment. Hogan smashing Andre, Shane Douglas tossing the title aside, Dusty realizing the American Dream and defeating Harley, and Moxley fiercely silencing Jericho were all part of this historic night.

When several wrestlers decided to rebel against the status quo and state no, they discovered a better method for everyone. When these athletes said it’s not always about the money; it’s about being happy and living on center stage with their talent, and putting their money where their mouth was, something wonderful occurred.

On this day, a real-life megastar from New York announced her intent to leave a multi-billion dollar corporation and join some “pissants” in AEW. This past Saturday, All Elite Wrestling sent its message to the globe, painting on its canvas. This fall, All Elite Wrestling will broadcast live on TNT and Turner broadcasting’s platforms, and their canvases will be on display to a much greater audience. The objective was to “Change The World,” but they just might have achieved it.