Another Surprise

The cheers and gasps returned, as the orchestra of agony continued for one more song to conclude a fantastic and era-defining night. A known unhinged figure was heading through the crowd, free of his superfluous flak jacket, with an unstable air taking hold of the crowd. Jon Moxley, a former WWE World Champion, was making his way toward Jericho in victory.

The legendary announcer Jim Ross would report that the crowd noise was deafening, with a decibel record-setting surprise appearance by Moxley. Jon walked to the ring and waylaid Jericho with a Double DDT while the electricity in the arena rose as fans realized that Moxley had joined AEW. After attacking the official, Moxley continued his arrival procession by nailing Omega with another Double Arm DDT. Moxley next turned his attention to injured Kenny Omega, attempting a third repeat of the devastating DDT variant but Omega would escape death for a second time after defeating Jericho.