The Crowd Was Pumped

The throng, rapt on the spectacle and statements, was in for another stunning twist. The rematch of Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho from Japan would serve as the main event for a historic bout. Chris Jericho, a veteran with almost three decades of experience, has continued to reinvent himself and his career over the last several years. Jericho paid homage to all of his prior characters and tropes that brought him to this point; this was a fantastic visual since it summed up Chris’s past to everyone watching while also firmly staking that he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Christopher Jericho, the darling of professionals and pound-for-pound one of the best on the planet, challenged Kenny Omega for the right to compete in the AEW Championship’s first ever title bout. In this case, during early portions of the bout, Kenny Omega fractured his nose making it more difficult to breathe.

The end would come when Jericho utilized his new favorite tactic, The Judas Effect, a viscous spinning back elbow, to smash the already broken nose of Kenny Omega. Omega’s nose was already broken before this point; therefore the final straw would be Jericho’s victory in the main event of ‘Double or Nothing,’ Chris wasted no time in scolding the fans for not showing him the respect he deserved.