He Leaped On That Top Rope

Nick’s athletic abilities were put to the test during this match as he battled Fenix, who was aided by SoCalVal. Nick would capitalize on his agility and strength advantage over his adversary with a spring-board Canadian Destroyer for the two count of all eras. The final five minutes of this epic encounter will feature these four incredible athletes in the air for more time than they are on the canvas. Pentagon had been focusing on Matt Jackson’s shoulder, but then he locked in a powerful Hammerlock Arm Snap.

Matt hit Matt with a flying clothesline to recover, then battled back with one arm by lifting Fenix upside down while Nick Jackson jumped off the top rope at the same time for their iconic finish the Meltzer Driver. The Young Bucks overcame adversity and established themselves as winners not only in a bout, but also in terms of what tag team wrestling might be after they battled back against Matt with one arm and lifted him upside down.