The battle was intense

Cody and Dustin fought back and forth throughout this bout, with Cody having the upper hand for much of the exchange. However, in true Rhodes style, Dustin refused to give up and battled back. In this one, as if he were returning to his historical “King of the Road” bout from 1995, Dustin was bleeding again. The crowd urged Dustin to a furious comeback, which Cody would respond to by scoring a Disaster Kick followed by a Cross Rhodes but fail to pin his brother.

Cody, despite his reservations, would lift up his wounded and overwhelmed older brother for another Cross Rhodes and the accompanying 1,2,3 of victory. Cody approached the crowd with tears in his eyes. “I need a partner for a future match with The Young Bucks,” Cody said to the crowd before looking at his injured and bloodied older brother and exclaiming, “I don’t need a partner… I don’t need a buddy… I require my older brother!”

The two brothers then embraced, amidst a ring decorated with their blood, sweat and tears. After the show Dustin expounded, “Vince better watch his ass,” in reference to his long-time former employer and CEO of WWE Vince McMahon.