The entrance was amazing

As Cody and Brandi strutted down the aisle, they passed by a throne that looked eerily similar to the Iron Cross Throne from Wrestlemania. A replica of WWE COO Paul Levesque’s Wrestlemania slogan of an Iron Cross Throne was placed at the top of the entrance ramp. Dustin Rhodes followed with his usual face paint but this time only half his face was painted in red and black.

It was clear that somewhere high up, Dusty Rhodes, the legendary Hall of Fame father, was looking down on his two sons and the journey they were about to undertake, and he would have undoubtedly been ecstatic by their decisions to follow in his footsteps. The proud brothers were forced to a halt before the action could begin by yells of “DUSTY! DUSTY! DUSTY!” His eyes still wet from the experience, the tale was already being told better than we had ever imagined.