The sold out crowds’ “oohs” and “aahs”

The excitement grew with each fan as they entered the arena, witnessing the magnificent painting on which art would be performed that evening. Those oohs and aahs gradually increased in volume from a quiet murmur to a full-fledged frenzy as the event neared its conclusion. Every nook and cranny was jam-packed with fans eager to be a part of something historic, refusing to sit idle on their hands before the clock struck noon.

At it’s finest, wrestling ignites the crowd on an almost primal level, bringing grown men to tears openly and eliciting those feelings of pure delight that recall the first time you saw pageantry and spectacle. On this night, with this audience, celebrating in the magnitude of what they were about to witness, their shared enthusiasm helped elevate Double or Nothing to something much greater than anybody could have predicted.

The likes of the Rock, Triple H, and The Undertaker may be seen on display at Download this summer, but egos were surprisingly absent, and the gathering acted in a unified fashion. “Fans want something different,” says Nick Jackson. “We want to give them the finest professional wrestling offering possible,” adds Matt Jackson. President Tony Khan stated that fans desire an alternative, while the Executive Vice Presidents of AEW, worldwide superstars Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes, Nick and Matt Jackson declared that they wanted to provide audiences with the best possible pro-wrestling product.”