Big E & Bobby Lashley vs. Kevin Owens & Seth Rollins

Big’s rip-off of Lashley’s running knee to the face shuts down E and Owens, Big backs him into the corner with punches, Owens clubs back, and then Bob pulls him off. Lashley enters and circles around to beat him up, E drops Rollins onto the floor and out of bounds, and Bob removes him as we go to break.

Back from commercial, Lashley is chasing Rollins around the ring and THROUGH THE BARRICADE! A delayed vertical suplex fails to materialize. Owens comes in with a upkick, followed by a senton on the floor that connects for two! Lifting Lashley upwards and throwing him inside, another senton scores two!!

The entire crowd is brought to their feet by the deafening cheers. Cries of “BITCH,” “E!” and “SETH” fill the air, with chants for each man growing in intensity as he nears the conclusion. Bob believes that this will be his final match—which it likely will be—but facing elimination doesn’t change a thing about how much he wants E dead or how badly he’s going to take out Seth before then. Tag to Seth, double suplex from Owens… NOPE! Reverse chinlock holds on, tag back, Big legal corner Rock Bottom… NOPE!!!

And so we go to break.

E and Owens are back in the commercial, down and out with their tags attached! Lashley is on fire, rolling up Rollins for a big neckbreaker, belly-to-belly suplex, corner lariats, leapfrog, Bob catches him while he’s leapfrogging… E BREAKS IT UP! E comes in to break up the fight; the match devolves into “everyone do something spectacular” mode.

Lashley with the spear…