Austin Theory vs. Finn Balor

The lights go dark when Austin throws the BMO dropkick, and then come back on as he does a corkscrew armdrag. Theory falls flat on his back after the War Ballad finish. He needs to pick himself up! Lyric picks up where he left off, nailing a front facelock before slowly twisting away from it and attempting to throw him over his knee. Austin counters by putting his hands together in front of him and swinging them outward, but that causes only minor damage as Theory hits the mat hard with a triumphant fist pump! The crowd cheers loudly for both men, chanting “Suck it!” one notable “fan” yelling “I’m going to kill you.” theory won’t get hit again right till

Off the ropes, sunset flip, roll through into the basement dropkick, lariat sends Austin to the floor, and Balor goes for the Penalty Kick but it’s reversed into a trip!