“If There’s One Thing We Clones Know What To Do…” – The Clone Wars

The Clone Wars’ most significant motifs and concepts are the individuality of clones, which Palpatine denies in “Brain Invaders,” and the notion that they are not programmed like droids. In reality, that is precisely what they are due to Palpatine, as shown by a statement in “Brain Invaders.”

The copy Edge says, “If there’s one thing we clones know, it’s how to stop a Jedi.” Of course, because Star Wars fans are already aware of the Order 66 atrocity, this line cannot be considered pure foreshadowing. Chronologically speaking, this line serves as excellent foreshadowing before Revenge of the Sith and Mandalore’s Siege, as well as a terrible reminder given how much fans like both clones and Jedi.