Leia’s Floating Back To The Ship – The Last Jedi

The Last Jedi is packed with contentious moments, not least of all Leia’s Mary Poppins-style float through space back to the Resistance ship. This sequence, however, served as a fantastic little hard-to-see piece of foreshadowing.

A moment later, in the Millennium Falcon’s airlock, we see Rey go into her reflection and become disoriented. As she falls back to earth, Leia flies through the ship’s destroyed bridge, where a hologram of the Supremacy is still active; a hologram by which she passes through the center. Vice Admiral Holdo successfully completes the Holdo maneuver later in the film, flying the vessel through the Supremacy and destroying it in a beautifully Star Wars manner. This was undoubtedly a deliberate little easter egg and hint of foreshadowing on Rian Johnson’s part.