1. Who Is Roman Reigns, Anyway?

Consider the following: what are the particular features of Roman Reigns? What distinguishes his personality, exactly? Does he even have a persona? Seriously, since The Shield split up, Reigns’ former teammates have created characters with readily recognizable traits that made it simple to identify with them.

The rivalry between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose is a tale of two arrogant narcissists who believe they are smarter than everyone else and take shortcuts. Dean Ambrose is a disturbed man with a shady history who will fight anybody or anything and never, ever gives up. So, what about Roman Reigns?

The Game is the most recent example of this concept, as he has a daughter and a huge Samoan family. However, every wrestler in WWE may be characterized as “wants to be champion,” and many of them have families with connections to wrestling, especially in today’s era of second and third generation Superstars. That isn’t nearly enough of a character to succeed as a main event player, when everyone else has distinct personalities and goals that their fans can get behind.

Yes, he wants to be the greatest, but why? Roman Reigns’ quest for excellence is surrounded by a lot of unsolvable questions (other than snarky retorts such as “because Vince McMahon wants him to be”). It’s probable that this is the biggest stumbling block in Roman Reigns becoming a main event star and even the most well-known figure in WWE.