2. WWE Has Already Backed Down Too Many Times

Despite WWE’s explicit words to the contrary, they’ve backed off on Roman Reigns numerous times due to hostile crowd reactions and the fans are well aware of it.

When WrestleMania 31 was looking like a disaster of epic proportions, they changed the finish, backed off on his push and paired him up with Dean Ambrose. When it looked like fans might not be thrilled with his victory in the WWE Title tournament at Survivor Series, they had Sheamus cash in his briefcase and took away Reigns big moment. Then they changed direction the second they thought the fans’ opinions were shifting and put the title back on him, only to take it away again at the Royal Rumble when the moment passed and fans went back to booing.

They’ve teased us with other possibilities along the way, only to take them away when it became clear that fans were more interested in the alternatives. They spent nearly two years pushing Roman Reigns before suddenly backing off at the last minute, leaving fans wondering if they might completely overhaul the main event just three weeks before WrestleMania.

The fans have noticed this constant acknowledgement that they’re ready to put off Reigns’ push, and the fact is that they probably will.