5. There’s No Sympathy For Him

The idea of The Undertaker playing off the previous statement about Reigns’ success in overcoming everyone who has come against him. This may work for certain characters, such as Goldberg and Brock Lesnar (although even they would eventually be matched by wrestlers who could compete with them in the ring, leading to some classic rivalries).

Underdog Roman Reigns is at the center of this political drama, which is built around his underdog status as he battles against The Authority and Vince McMahon, both of whom are said to be placing huge roadblocks in his path. You’re meant to feel sorry for Reigns, who appears to be getting screwed over by those in power who don’t want him to be champion.

The only issue is that it doesn’t feel natural. Roman Reigns is a huge guy with a beautiful physique, a full head of hair, and comes from one of the most famous wrestling families. His cousin is an enormous movie star who works for WWE on a regular basis, and he has other relatives working there as well.

When it comes to Roman Reigns, the notion that he is kept down by anyone in WWE is ridiculous at best, and it’s difficult to find reasons to sympathize with him, much less when he wins every bout handily. Furthermore, the knowledge that WWE actually desires Roman on top, in this day and age when news on WWE’s booking plans leaks freely than ever before, makes his entire on-screen presentation seem phony because reality has intruded too far into the on-screen product. Reigns winning a match is expected, and that’s not the position of a sympathetic underdog.