6. A Lack of Strong Opponents

Let’s be honest; Roman Reigns’ rise to the top of WWE hasn’t been accompanied by many strong competitors. Aside from WrestleMania 31 against Lesnar (which he lost), Reigns has been fed a steady diet of the most mediocre bad guys imaginable.

There was the extended rivalry with The Big Show (which, to be honest, wasn’t far off from being a feud that didn’t make any sense), a summer full of Bray Wyatt and his family (finding himself in an increasingly-awkward position), and then a lengthy run against Sheamus and the League of Nations, which are some of the most cartoonishly inept buffoons on this side of Disney animation.

This implies that since he began his solo campaign, there have been no rivals who have given us the impression that they would pose a genuine danger to Roman. Even John Cena, who always wins in the end, has had encounters where it appeared as if he was in real danger, whether owing to overwhelming odds or catching Cena by surprise.

Meanwhile, Roman Reigns has never had the impression that his success was anything less than inevitable, and no one has ever left behind a lasting impression. When Cena is finished with a fight, he makes sure to let you know how difficult it was for him. But when Roman Reigns emerges as the winner, it’s as though he never put a foot wrong at all. What has Roman Reigns actually accomplished when winning comes as simple for him?