7. His Booking Isn’t Doing Him Any Favors

It’s impossible to lay all of Reigns’ problems on his shoulders. He isn’t a terrible wrestler, has a lot of upside, and it’s likely that he would have reached the top spot in the company had he been given sufficient time to develop fully.

Roman was built up and primed like a rocket one day by WWE, who decided he was a main event player, and then booked him rather abominably when you think about the person that they claim will be the future top draw for the company. He was sent out to die while delivering long-form speeches that he never should have been forced to give. He was used as if he were other, more famous competitors such as John Cena, Steve Austin, and Daniel Bryan without allowing him to be Roman Reigns.

And when things didn’t work out as expected and the fans rejected him, WWE didn’t change a thing about him to try and address that fact.

There are several historic examples of wrestlers who were supposed to fail in a certain position but have subsequently been acknowledged as stars by WWE owing to the modifications that were made.The Rock is the prime example, but John Cena, Randy Orton, and even Triple H are examples of WWE tweaking (and sometimes, completely rebuilding) a wrestler as the situation demanded. But Reigns remains the same, and as a result, other characters that have evolved around him, while he stays the same and visibly struggles, look like far more attractive options.