8. He Can’t Cut A Scripted Promo

Listen, we’re sure Roman Reigns would be much more at ease if he didn’t have to read heavily scripted promos from WWE Creative and were allowed to talk freely as he does in real life. It’s a logical conclusion based on the facts that almost everyone would assume.

But here’s the deal: this isn’t how WWE operates. The only ones who are granted the freedom to improvise, even a little, are those with enough authority backstage to get away with it or who have shown over a long period that they can improvised and won’t disgrace WWE on live TV. Everyone else receives a script and is obligated to follow instructions until they earn the privilege. It’s just as true for Roman Reigns as it is for almost every other wrestler on the roster, with one notable exception

Cena isn’t the only one who can deliver natural-sounding dialogue. John Cena, for example, goes out and cuts nearly every promo word-for-word (he may add a few remarks in the heat of battle, but we guarantee that the script at the production desk has Cena’s promos written out almost word-for-word before Raw even starts), and he still sounds natural because he is excellent at cutting promos. Roman, on the other hand, is not comfortable with this style of speaking; while it isn’t enough to prevent him from becoming WWE’s top star, it is a major obstacle along that route.