9. He Actually Can Wrestle, But…

In summary, Roman Reigns can wrestle. He’s capable of performing well at times. He has a lot of potential to have some really fantastic matches in the future with the appropriate opponents.

But he has yet to have an unforgettable singles encounter that proves why he is deserving of being the top guy in WWE. Make no mistake, style is more important than substance in WWE, but it’s still a wrestling show at its core, and fans are trained to appreciate the individuals on top putting on those legendary 5-star bouts that become career highlights.

Even someone as terrible a wrestler like Hulk Hogan (who wasn’t in fact terrible), who had a pre-determined formula for his bouts that he adhered to to the letter, might break out and have classic fights like WrestleMania VI against Ultimate Warrior when called upon. And as the average professional wrestler has gotten more accomplished throughout the years, more is expected of the top stars in terms of carrying the narrative from an in-ring standpoint.

The fans no longer want technical wrestling relegated to lower-tier title bouts down the card; they demand excellent wrestling matches throughout the roster. Heck, even the females have upped their game in recent years. The point is that you can’t be a poor wrestler and be accepted as WWE’s top star today. While Roman may develop into a better future performer, for now he isn’t even close to fulfilling expectations.