10. Good Looks Just Aren’t Enough Anymore

The old joke that isn’t really a joke in professional wrestling is that you need three things to get by: height, attractiveness, and a full head of hair. WWE made an absolute fortune by selling the biggest and toughest wrestlers as towering superheroes for many years, and it was very successful.

In fact, it was once a policy that WWE would not sign anyone who didn’t meet stringent height and weight requirements (which, ironically, would have excluded many top stars working on the roster at the time). Overweight wrestlers were freak show attractions; short wrestlers could only compete in competitive matches against similarly sized opponents while being defeated by the bigger “real” celebrities of the company.

Fans, on the other hand, have become more aware of other options for what they enjoy about a wrestler in recent years, and are seeking for new characteristics. Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe were both enormous stars who had accomplished much before reaching their peak size – just like the legendary giants of yore. Rey Mysterio and AJ Styles are treated no differently than previous huge men such as Roman Reigns. Meanwhile, Vince McMahon’s old-school notion of a pro wrestler is the ideal model for Roman Reigns, but it isn’t enough for fans to take him seriously anymore. These days, a wrestler needs to bring more to the table than just height, good looks, and a full head of hair, and that’s where Roman Reigns starts to look far less appealing.