There Are Some Scenes In Each Movie That Are Truly Iconic

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I know many fans dislike sequels, but come on now. In each film, there are certain sequences that are amazing.

Who didn’t love the Episode VII “traitor” scene with that badass storm trooper? Or Luke Skywalker’s amazing final stand in Episode VIII. I mean Episode IX even had that badass scene where Rey takes down Kylo Ren’s ship.

Much Left To Desire

The truth is, while all of the films may have had their flaws, there are still several amazing moments in each one. And when people think back on this trilogy, I believe that many of their bad recollections will be forgotten when they recall Finn battling Kylo Ren in the woods.

Or that awesome moment when Kylo Ren fought side-by-side with Rey against the Praetorian Guards. Those scenes were epic.