10. The Death

Ben promptly after this kiss expires, and he rolls over and dies, apparently transferring all of his life force to Rey in what was supposed to be the film’s most dramatic and emotionally powerful scene. The entire audience erupted into uncontrollable laughter at that precise second in our screening. Whoops.

11. The Force can do literally anything

Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker

Because Force users can now quickly heal any wounds, they no longer consider them to be significant. If they’re too late and a person dies, they may simply resurrect them. Do you need to send a package? Simply use the Power of the Force to teleport it! Do you want to duel with somebody a hundred miles away using only your lightsaber? The Force has online multiplayer capability. Rey is now regarded as a God, the most powerful individual who ever existed in the history of mankind. Leia, on the other hand, perished as a result of her screams.