Let’s go over the materials you’ll need to construct a DIY radio telescope. We’ll list out the procedures below;

  • Step 1 – mount the LNB on the antenna’s arm.
  • Step 2 – Slice the coaxial cable open in two. Fix a BNC Connector to the two sides of the cable.
  • Step 3 – take the coaxial cable you have cut in two and connect one part to the LNB, while the other should go into the input port called satellite or LNB on the satellite signal meter.
  • Step 4 – pick the coaxial cable that has just one connector and have the cable’s other end stripped to show the metal inside as well as the woven copper wires.
  • Step 5 – plug that coaxial cable’s connector into the second socket of the satellite meter.
  • Step 6 – Connect the cable’s other end into your own power source.
  • Step 7 – Have the woven copper wires connected to the battery’s negative terminal and the metallic core to the positive terminal of the battery.

Wishing you the best of luck! You’ve just constructed your own radio telescope that can be readily relocated to any location.