How To Build A Radio Telescope At Home – DIY

Creating a DIY radio telescope that you can use at home may not strike you as something achievable.

However, that was precisely what occurred at this year’s Mini Maker Faire in Philadelphia.

Prof. James of Pennsylvania University used a small-sized radio telescope to give visitors a rather unique view of what the sky looked like on that day.

Yes, radio telescopes as large as 50 meters in diameter have been used by astronomers to observe distant galaxies and black holes. You may also construct your own radio telescope.

Whether you’re interested in having one for the sake of curiosity or just for fun, this part of the article will provide all the information you’ll need.

  • Tools – The best part about creating a DIY radio telescope is that all the materials are within your reach.
  • The items you need to do a homemade radio telescope include
  • A receiver (preferably a satellite dish type)
  • An LNB or low noise blocker
  • Satellite signal meter
  • 3 meters of coaxial cable
  • 3 Bayonet Neill Connectors specifically for the connectors
  • A 12V to 18V DC power source