Where is it used?

You’ll need to go back in time with a radio telescope if you want to know where they’re used.

The first set of radio waves from outer space was noticed by an engineer known as Karl Jansky in 1933.

He was employed by Bell’s Telephone Laboratories at the time. His original goal was to find out what causes shortwave interference. He erected a directional radio antenna, aiming it toward various parts of the sky.

Karl Jansky, on the other hand, was very optimistic about solving the enigma. Karl Jansky, however, got a lot more than he had planned for. His setup was able to detect radio signals from the Milky Way Galaxy’s heart.

In 1944, Grote Reber decided to build on Karl’s outer space radio waves discovery.

He built a parabolic reflector and placed it directly behind his home as a result of this. As a result, radio telescopes are beneficial in any location, not just space exploration facilities.