Giraffe Tattoo Meaning

A giraffe tattoo shows a person who wants to reach for the sky while remaining grounded. The tattoo is a reminder of your clairvoyant talents. A kind, gentle, and loving heart can also be represented by a giraffe tattoo.

If your spirit or power animal is a giraffe, you may want to get this tattoo as a memento of their protection. A giraffe tattoo also represents clairvoyance, futuristic vision, and foresight.

You have the skills needed to plan ahead. If you want a reminder to always be proud, get a giraffe tattoo. It’s important to communicate honestly with your friends and family about your true nature, so there’s no need to be embarrassed of it.

The giraffe lifts you up and over life’s ups and downs. Giraffe tattoos are considered to be lucky in Japan and China. They represent blessings from the sky in China.

In Japan, giraffe tattoos are symbols of magic and similar to the unicorn. In Africa, giraffe tattoos mean wildlife, peace, and balance in nature.

Get an animal tattoo if you are a pet lover and want to show your support for conservation causes. The giraffe tattoo is ideal representation of your environmental concern if you care about the environment.