Giraffe Power Animal

If you were given a giraffe as your power animal, you are in good company. The giraffe brings healing and the capacity to look at a problem from many perspectives. Because of your tall stature, you have a better perspective, so you are just, fair, and kind.

People will look up to you and you are willing to help. The giraffe has a large heart and that is why you are also full of love.

Giraffe power animal medicine is here to help you with every difficulty. Giraffe power animal medicine can help you and your individual problem. A giraffe, for example, has no trouble reaching up high, but he struggles when he has to bend his lengthy neck for a drink.

giraffe in nature

That is when he is most defenseless, since he has lost sight of the horizon. The giraffe’s meaning here is that it’s good to keep looking ahead with your head held high from time to time, but you should also lower your gaze.

You develop lifelong relationships like your giraffe power animal. You have your head in the sky, yet your feet are on the ground, giving you a balance between spiritual and physical existence.

When you are in a difficult circumstance in your life or when you are tense and uptight, ask for the giraffe’s assistance.