Giraffe Totem Animal

The giraffe totem animal is asking you to raise your neck high and look at things from a new perspective. This kind creature urges you to achieve equilibrium. Take adequate rest, eat healthily, and focus on yourself. Set your eyes on the future while also savoring each moment of life.

The giraffe totem is connected to the following words: race, height, letting go, communication, clairvoyance The giraffe is a gorgeous and tranquil animal that stands tall and with elegance. Giraffe teaches you to look at things from a broader perspective by emphasizing communication and clairvoyance skills.

giraffe in nature

With his great neck, the giraffe is a bridge between heaven and Earth. As a result, you are indeed fortunate to have this magnificent creature as your totem. Although his head may appear high, he does not live in the clouds. His feet are firmly planted on the ground. This implies that regardless of how much knowledge, education, or experience you may have, you must always remain rooted in reality. The giraffe is an equilibrum; he can work alone but also within groups.

This is a reminder for you to interact with people, adore your family and friends, but also appreciate yourself and spend time learning about yourself. To enhance your clairvoyance skills like the lovely giraffe, meditate on a daily basis.