Giraffe Encounters and Omens

In 1600, a large number of giraffes were sent to China, where they were highly regarded and seen as favorable omens that promised good governance, plentiful harvests, and a peaceful reign.

Author C. A Spinage described the giraffe as a symbol of benefaction like no other. As a result, it occupied a special position in King Axum’s court.

Giraffes were once considered to be kilims or unicorns by Chinese courts, and they were regarded as omen of peace and portents implying Heaven’s Favor. Today, adventure companies organize African jungle excursions on which one can view giraffes in their natural settings.

giraffe pattern

It’s a whole new experience to have this magnificent beast approach your automobile for food. It’s an incredible opportunity to feed a giraffe at a safari resort, where giraffes come right up to your dining room through the window.

Feeling the giraffe’s sandpaper-textured tongue is something one should experience if they have the opportunity. The giraffe can bring beauty, love, peace, and joy to your life.

A giraffe dream is a sign of great honor and wealth. In a nutshell, the giraffe is a magnificent creature with a good omen and the sign of longevity, grandeur, happiness, and illustriousness.