The giraffe can easily access the tender and juicy leaves on the tops of the tallest trees.

They can clean a branch in a matter of minutes. They can see far and wide due to their enormous height. This vision represents foresight. A giraffe mother is vigilant for approaching danger so that her kid may survive.

This animal is held as an icon of love by the ancient Greeks. The giraffe’s temperament and appearance suggest a gentle bunny. Giraffes prefer to live in large herds, therefore this is quite fitting. This is representative of mother and guardian angels who watch over us from heaven.

Giraffe African Symbolism

The giraffe is revered as a messenger of the gods by African shamans. They think that giraffes serve as an example for humanity to open its hearts and see the big picture. Their message, according on their beliefs, is to return order and balance to the world.

The message of the giraffe is that, with elegance and beauty, we may return Mother Earth to her former health. For thousands of years, the many diverse tribal groups on Africa’s continent have practiced customs and creative arts.

The giraffes in these early paintings were usually depicted as enormous creatures, such as elephants, hippos, and giraffes. The giraffe may be regarded as the link between earth and sky due to its long neck and ‘head in the clouds.’

giraffe in nature