The Sound a Giraffe Makes Is an Animal Mystery

Despite the fact that it isn’t an unsolved mystery, “what sound does a giraffe make?” has perplexed animal behavior specialists. Is it sounds or is it noises? How many different noises do giraffes make? Do they have a vocabularies? How do they interact with one another? Somebody has to be aware of it.

We may now attempt to answer that mystery for the first time since researchers and zoo keepers with firsthand experience have given us audio evidence, as well as first-hand knowledge from giraffe managers.Do giraffes make sounds? This giraffe does.

Do giraffes make sounds? This giraffe does.

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Mature Giraffe Sounds vs. Young Giraffe Sounds

Giraffes have vocal chords and can make noise, but what noises do they produce? And what does the meaning of those sounds signify? That is determined by the giraffe’s age.

Elder Giraffe Sounds

Mature giraffes, according to zookeepers and giraffe managers, primarily snort and grunt. A recent eight-year-long study over 940 hours of a third sound—humming—heard only at night recorded over 940 hours of empirical evidence from zoos and giraffe keepers.

The rumble is a deep bass sound, often described as sounding like a husband’s snore. It has a frequency of about 92Hz and is at the low-end range of human hearing, according to an article in Wired. This straddles the infra-sound frequencies. Take a listen to the audio recording below!

According to recorded evidence, as they get older, their vocabularies become dominated by infra-sound “whooshes” of air, or the nighttime “humming” discovered by researchers.