Jung and his colleagues have previously utilized high-speed photography

Digital graphs and hexagon grids with abstract high speed technology POV motion blur

and built models to show how other animals, such as cats and dogs, drink. The strategies used by cats and dogs differ from those employed by giraffes or other herbivores like cows and horses, he said. “Cats and dogs push their tongue in and out, creating a water column in the air, which they bite down on,” rather than putting their lips on the water surface and opening their mouth, according On Jung’s opinion

Although it’s too soon to know whether the giraffe’s tongue has any affect on the procedure, Binder said that fluoroscopy would be useful. Fluoroscopic X-rays would be illuminating and perhaps show what role, if any, the giraffe’s tongue plays in the process, he added. He thinks many individuals wouldn’t want to capture the leggy animal’s attention or have access to a large enough X-ray machine. “Moreover, what X-ray machine would big enough?”