7. Can generate kindness

Metta, a form of meditation known as loving-kindness meditation that begins with caring thoughts and sentiments for oneself, may be beneficial.

People learn to extend this kindness and forgiveness outwardly, first to friends, then acquaintances, and eventually foes through practice. 30Trusted Source A meta-analysis of 22 studies on this type of meditation found that it increased people’s compassion for themselves and others (30Trusted Source).

In a study of 100 adults, those who got the loving-kindness meditation program had these advantages. In other words, the more time people spent in weekly metta meditation practice, the greater their sense of well-being (31). Another research with 50 college students revealed that after four weeks of daily metta meditation practice, participants experienced an increase in positive emotions, interpersonal connections, and empathy for others (32Trusted Source).

These benefits also appear to accumulate over time with the practice of loving-kindness meditation