For instance, an Imperial I Star Destroyer:

  • Were approximately 1.6 miles long.
  • Weighed in at around 5 million tons. This number is drawn from a Forbes article wondering how much it would cost to build a Star Destroyer.

This would require all the power from a Star Destroyers antigrav generators in order to maintain hover while in atmosphere.

Fact or Fiction: Similar Real-World Technology

There are some really interesting real-world technologies that mimic the floating effect of a Star Destroyer right now under development. For instance, you may recall the hoverboards that were in Back to the Future, a film series in which you may remember.

The real-world Lexus Hoverboard, which resembles the look and function of these fantasy hoverboards, is shown here. They genuinely do just float in mid-air. This is due to the hoverboard’s use of a phenomenon known as the Meissner Effect, which describes how a superconductor’s magnetic properties change when subjected to a magnetic field. This is one of the key characteristics of superconductors.