6. CM Punk Leaves WWE

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Despite an excellent involvement in the company, CM Punk’s failure to head-up WrestleMania 29 doomed his long-term departure from WWE.

He was creatively dissatisfied and physically exhausted, so he finished out his contract with the firm and left in January 2014.

The reverberations of his departure continued for months after, as leaders were pressured to accelerate planned plots, split up highly effective factions, and push Superstars before they were ready.

On a memorable Thanksgiving podcast hosted by Colt Cabana in 2016, Punk explained his issues with his former bosses while also alleging that the workplace was hazardous owing to allegations of interactions with one of the firm’s physicians.

Every venue in the country reverberated with “CM Punk” chants from the audience whenever disgruntled fans grew bored or enraged by the quality of WWE’s product.

Punk, on the other hand, drew further away from the business and concentrated his efforts on mixed martial arts. It was not until Fox approached him with an offer to become a consultant for the new WWE Backstage program that he rejoined the company in November 2019, just in time to complete the decade and reignite rumors that he would return to a WWE ring.