8. Roman Reigns Announces Return of Leukemia

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When Roman Reigns defeated Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at SummerSlam last year, he worked tirelessly to do so. When he did, many thought his reign would be long. Unfortunately for Roman and his supporters, this was not to be the case.

On October 26, 2017, Joe was introduced to the world as Reigns and then revealed that he has relapsed with leukemia for the second time in his life. He would subsequently relinquish the world title and retire from professional wrestling after a decade of dedication.

The outpouring of support from fans and friends was uplifting for Reigns. With WrestleMania 35 fast approaching in February, he announced that the cancer had been cured, allowing him to compete once more.

For the first time since his massive singles push began, fans were united in their support of the second-generation star.

Reigns would return to the ring at The Granddaddy of Them All against Drew McIntyre and pick up right where he left off: kicking ass as the lead dog in Vince McMahon’s traveling circus.