10. Shane McMahon Returns to WWE

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Shane McMahon has not been seen on WWE television since April 2009, when he returned as part of the never-ending McMahon family drama in February 2016.

The wayward son made his way down the aisle, where he met his father Vince and sister Stephanie, before taking in the deafening ovation from the crowd, which was genuinely pleased to see him back on screen.

Shane-O-Mac’s debut on SmackDown! was a major success, as he quickly found himself handcuffed against The Undertaker, one of the year’s most anticipated matches at WrestleMania, and he became the on-screen leader of SmackDown when the company rebranded.

While it took McMahon some time to get reacquainted with the business his father had ruled over since he was a kid, he eventually found his footing and became one of the WWE’s most important characters in the latter half of the decade.