12. NXT Arrives

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NXT had a long and illustrious history prior to the formation of the WWE Network, combining old-school storytelling with some of the world’s most creative and exciting young talents.

For years, the company had conducted special events on pay-per-view. But when WWE released its streaming network in February 2014, top executives Triple H and the NXT brand were given the opportunity to produce a live event presentation on it.

It will also feature Paige vs. Emma for the women’s title, Neville vs. Bo Dallas in a ladder match for the NXT championship, and another classic bout between Sami Zayn and Cesaro appropriately dubbed “NXT Arrival.”

The Superstars took the venue to new heights, tearing it down and demanding the crowd’s attention.

Since then, NXT has become a launching pad for future WWE superstars. It’s also emerged as the company’s most consistently excellent product, with its finest matches to boot.

Despite the fact that other organizations market themselves as a substitute for Vince McMahon’s distinct style of sports entertainment, NXT has consistently provided fans with something new, unusual, and exciting.

That does not appear to be ending any time soon.