15. Edge Retires from in-Ring Action

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The following week, then-world heavyweight champion Edge made a major announcement in the ring.

Fans were devastated when The Rated-R Superstar informed the public in 2002 that he had to retire due to continuing health issues following a neck injury in 2002.

Edge, one of the world’s most famous and accomplished heels, left the business he had loved since childhood unable to give it any more than he already had.

It compelled the company to alter course, focus on fresh faces, and elevate competitors to new heights of excellence, just like other curveballs delivered by WWE over the decade.

Will he or she be among the top five Superstars to profit? Christian, who won his first world championship with the company by winning a ladder match for the vacant title his lifelong friend and former tag team partner had fought so hard to defend.

As the decade comes to a close, rumors continue to hint at a possible in-ring return for Edge, as noted by PWInsider.com’s Mike Johnson.