Multicultural perfect girls best friends in white equal bathrobes look at camera imagining themselves to be a star wearing sunglasses fool around in hotel bedroom, hanging out, enjoy hen party conceptBoth accounts boasted over 100,000 followers and regularly posted about local news, politics, elections, and issues such as alleged support for terrorist organizations by Qatar and Turkey, Iran’s involvement in Yemen, the Libyan conflict, the Saudi-led coalition’s success in Yemen, and Somaliland independence. Despite their attempts to hide their identities

The Saudi network was smaller and apparently connected to its awful government, according to Facebook.

An American campaign consultant in the United Kingdom, Jim Waterston, notes that a politically connected public relations firm has “secretly constructed a network of unbranded ‘news’ pages on Facebook for dozens of clients ranging from the Saudi government to major polluters.” According to the account, Lynton Crosby , Johnson’s ally and strategist, has taken advantage of the fact that all news stories on Facebook appear identical, whether they’re produced by real publishers or PR firms. ”