Catcheur avec sa ceinture de champion. Wrestler and his championship belt. Luchador y su cinturón de campeón.

I pondered all of this today as I read the most recent news stories about fraudulent items discovered on Facebook, which were more numerous than usual. There was, for example, the Christian satire site that complained about its article being labeled fiction by Snopes. The complaint appeared to be that while it does publish fiction, the particular thing Snopes objected to was less fiction than an actual news story with misleading information. A fine-grained disagreement clearly, but one that was nevertheless boosted by conservatives who delight in painting Snopes as a leftist source.

There was Facebook’s own announcement that it had discovered two networks of anti-government propaganda outlets: one from the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, and another from Saudi Arabia. The first network, with 13.7 million followers, was made up of mostly news sources published in the UAE.