It redefined blockbusters

The release of Star Wars in 1977 revolutionized the movie industry to such an extent that it redefined what constitutes a blockbuster film. According to Box Office Mojo, America’s second highest-grossing film (adjusted for inflation) after Gone With The Wind is Star Wars A New Hope. Since 1978, we’ve expected a summer blockbuster every year…

It launched the science fiction boom

The first big science fiction blockbuster, Star Wars, was the start of the sci-fi boom that continues to reign supreme at the box office.

The release of Star Wars in 1977 altered the motion picture industry and our culture in a variety of ways. It’s still a major today – millions of people flock to their local cinema at midnight to watch the newest installment. Whether or not there will ever be another franchise as big as Star Wars is debatable, but it will always be the pioneering model.