I recalled his gripes and consulting my makeshift table of contents as a guide, I “re-cut” the opening sections and produced a neater first act. One chapter’s material was copied and inserted into another chapter’s narrative. To tighten the tale, sharpen focus, decrease transitions, and get the story moving forward, events were shuffled. Thousands of words were dumped from the film because they didn’t make it in. It was definitely worth it.

Marcia and George Lucas

Ordering beats

My other interest in “Saved in the edit” regards the first meeting between Luke and Obi-wan (11m50s in the video):

Originally the scene started with Luke and Obi-wan watching the princess’ message, then they play with lightsabers, and then they consider to go help her.

The editors recognized the disconnect between listening to Leia’s holographic appeal and discussing whether or not to assist her, and they rewrote the sequence so that it appeared as though the two had been talking about Luke’s father for a while.