Original 'Star Wars' Editor Marcia Lucas Says Kathleen Kennedy and JJ  Abrams 'Don't Have a Clue' About the Franchise

My most recent (and, as of today, unpublished) book gives a personal example of scene reordering in my editing process. My early sections were a disaster. The protagonist was traveling in circles without purpose or drive. In the first act, an early reader (and good friend) noted the lost time and lack of enthusiasm.

Although I enjoy creating a rudimentary structure when I write a book, I don’t go any further than the scene or even chapter in my planning. After taking my friend’s criticism to heart, I went through the text and made a preliminary table of contents. Each chapter was itemized with a brief one- or two-sentence summary of its most important narrative elements. (A writing notebook, whether physical or digital, is an excellent tool for this purpose.)