Why have Attack of the Clones be the title if the clones really attack during Revenge of the Sith? Why wouldn’t Rey be the “new hope” for the Jedi’s, instead of Luke Skywalker? A Star Wars fan on TikTok, known as Fake Disney Facts, decided to rename these movies so they actually make sense.

The creator explains that the first Star Wars movie in the Skywalker Saga, titled The Phantom Menace should have been called The Rise of Skywalker. (He explains it’s a much better name to describe a movie where fans literally met Skywalker on his journey to be a Jedi.)

Conversely, The Rise of Skywalker should be called The Phantom Menace (how else would viewers describe the shadowy role of the resurrected Palpatine but as a “phantom menace?”) In between, the TikTok user switches all the titles of the Star Wars movies to better reflect their story.

The legendary voice actor and the man who plays Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise, Mark Hamill, was another one to agree. He added, “NOW IT ALL SEEMS TO MAKE SENSE!” The tweet was liked more than 75,000 times from fans all around the world.