The lessons we learned along the way

Hogwarts Legacy

At Hogwarts, Harry Potter’s school for witchcraft and wizardry, the majority of the story takes place. Harry and his friends study magic there for several years while also embarking on various misadventures.

The Star Wars franchise is brimming with educational instances. The Sith Lord has an apprentice, who learns the dark side ways, and much of the Darth Vader comic books focusing on the Emperor teaching Darth Vader the dark side concerns Darth Vader’s training.

In the prequels, Jedi recruit new pupils as younglings and educate them. They become a Padawan when they are old enough to go on missions with the Jedi Knights. The newest Jedi in both trilogies learn this informally, albeit less so in the original trilogy than in the sequel trilogy.

Both series have a strong focus on education. It’s unusual for franchises to include teaching arcs, especially when they’re as heavy-handed as these ones are. It generally serves as a welcome diversion from the drama our favorite characters find themselves in.

It turns out that Harry Potter and Star Wars have a lot more in common than you might think, but the most essential are the lessons they offer their audiences about life and people in it.

These lessons, like essential for the characters as they are for the audience members watching them, have aided the franchises in remaining as popular and memorable as they both have been. As our pranks are now under control, may the Force be with us.