A hero’s journey

Luke Skywalker

Both series feature protagonists who start from nothing and rise to become some of the most powerful people in their universes. Harry Potter began his life as an outcast living under the stairs of his cruel aunt and uncle.

Luke Skywalker, who grew up on a moisture farm with his aunt and uncle, was also visiting there. Luke wanted to become a rebel pilot and leave his life on Tatooine after seeing the Millennium Falcon. Harry, on the other hand, abandoned his cupboard to attend Hogwarts and became one of the world’s most powerful wizards.

However, not all heroes win in their adventure, and even the good guys are sometimes subject to tragedy. But it appears that everywhere on Earth, the forces of light have a much more solid grip than those of darkness. -> However, not all heroes succeed in their quest, and even the good guys suffer tragedy now and then. It appears that the powers of light have a far greater hold on global affairs than do the powers of darkness. Harry’s parents and Luke’s aunt and uncle were both lost catastrophically.

When Obi-Wan Kenobi died, he became one with the Force. Darth Vader cut off Luke’s arm, and Voldemort killed Harry in the Forest of Dean. Of course, with a replacement on hand, Luke was able to overcome everything that was put before him.