The Jedi lightsabers are often colored differently, with each era’s Jedi protagonist being associated with them. The most common colors are blue, green, orange, purple, and yellow. The Sith construct their lightsabers from their own crystals and channel their own Force into them, giving them a boost in strength. Red is the color of Sith lightsabers in almost all eras.

Each franchise’s tool is entirely one-of-a-kind and is passed down to future generations after the character dies. It’s the Elder Wand, a wand from The Tale of The Three Brothers, which was made by Death himself in Harry Potter. Draco Malfoy held onto the wand for a while before handing it over to Dumbledore, who then gave half of it to Harry Potter following Voldermort’s defeat.

The equivalent in the Star Wars universe is more hidden. The Darksaber was taken from the Jedi temple after being created by a Mandalorian Jedi. Legend has it that once a Mandalorian carried the weapon, they would be able to rule all of Mandalore. In recent years, owing to its appearance in The Mandalorian, the Darksaber has grown increasingly popular.