Tools of the trade

Both franchises provide tools that are beneficial to both the good and the negative sides. In Star Wars, both the Jedi and Sith employ a lightsaber as not only a way to destroy their opponents or defend themselves, but also as a means of cutting through objects. Harry Potter is rife with witches and wizards who utilize wands.

They may also utilize it to combat or defend themselves, but they generally use it as a weapon. Reparo, for example, is a spell that repairs things. Diffendo is another spell that cuts things similarly to a lightsaber. Both worlds have a means of retrieving their equipment using magic. A witch or wizard can employ the charm Accio to summon their (or an opponent’s) wand, while a Jedi can use the Force to bring their lightsabers to them.

Another similarity between these two tools is that they both have a wand. To become a witch or wizard, Harry Potter must visit his local wand shop to acquire a wand. Each wand is distinct from the next and unique from all others at the store.

The core of each wand is derived from a different magical property, such as as Harry’s phoenix feather wand, and the wood for each wand comes from one of several different trees. Because they are so distinctive, wands bond to their owners and are generally buried with them or burnt upon death. Lightsabers, on the other hand, are made from kyber crystals (or synthetic crystals constructed out of multiple components), which abound on Ilum, the planet that was subsequently converted into the Starkiller Base.