A United Kingdom


The British have played major roles in many films, including Star Wars and Harry Potter. In particular, the Harry Potter franchise makes sense. The series is set in the United Kingdom, so J.K. Rowling wanted the cast to represent that by not casting any Americans in any of the roles. Vader was played by an American, while Emperor Palpatine and Grand Admiral Thawn were played by British actors in Star Wars.

The majority of today’s films were produced in the United Kingdom, thus it’s conceivable that the presence of British actors is related. You’d expect there to be more than just a few accents in space. To be fair, Star Wars does include a variety of dialects, and if you examine the prequels, some people may argue somewhat rightly that altering voices might have been a blunder. We’re looking at you, Jar Jar, and Nute Gunray as well.